Wireless Realty Advisors (“WRA”) was originally formed 15 years ago to provide wireless real estate consulting services to cell phone companies and commercial real estate owners. 

History & Business Values

Since our inception 15 years ago, WRA’s core principles have been and remain:

  • honesty and authenticity attracts and fosters long term relationships;
  • strive for excellence in business intelligence and practices;
  • the best data will make the best business decisions;
  • the world is going wireless…

As a testament to our work to achieve these principles, today WRA has developed and continues to foster long term relationships not just with our customers and vendors, many spanning several decades, but also with our employees. 

Over the past 10 years WRA senior management together have:

  • Closed over 200 tower, rooftop, easement transactions;
  • Deployed over $100 M in capital, with our long term equity partner Peppertree Capital Management, in the acquisition and development of cell sites in over 40 states throughout the US;
  • Researched, documented, recorded, databased over 500,000 antenna locations nationwide;
  • Created and maintain a proprietary database of over 150,000 cell site owners nationwide;
  • Worked with every major carrier, site acquisition vendor and contractor;
  • Abstracted leases for and consulted with thousands of cell site property owners;
  • Yeah, we’ve been busy.

Our Approach

Wireless Realty Advisors (WRA) is a privately held owner, operator, and developer of wireless infrastructure sites. WRA has been an active participant in the wireless industry since 2005. WRA’s core business encompasses the ownership of wireless sites, the development of new sites for carriers and tower companies, and consulting with all parties in the wireless industry ecosystem.  

WRA’s distinction from its competitors is that it is a real estate company that operates within the wireless industry. Our site ownership acquisition and management structure are unique in that we build our site partnerships that benefit the carrier and the land and property owner.