Our origination, underwriting and legal teams, combined, have closed over 200 cell site transactions. 

Throughout these hundreds of closings, this experienced and seasoned group has seen it all in terms of acquisition structures and participants.

Over the last 5 years, and continuing today, WRA is a “buy and hold” investor of cell site assets throughout the United States. WRA acquires wireless real estate assets that we identify as having long term development potential which, in turn, drives long term value to our investors. We’re not brokers.  We’re owner AND operators in that we manage the assets we acquire for years post acquisition.

One major potential problem we have seen in over 10 years of experience in acquiring cell site easements is how the cell site sale effects the “resale” of the underlying, often more valuable, asset. WRA’s acquisition structure protects the resale value of the underlying property post cell site sale, and ensures the interest of both parties are aligned for a long term partnership. This is a very important detail that our competitors fail to address.

If you are interested in discussing the sale of your wireless real estate asset give us a call.  If our fund is not the best fit for your asset, we’ll do our best to give you constructive advice on what your other options would be.

To learn more about WRA’s acquisition process contact