The world is going wireless.

What is one common denominator most wireless networks have?  Real estate.

In order for wireless networks to work, they need antennas and equipment.  In order to place and install  these antennas – wireless networks need real estate. 

This convergence has been happening for over 50 years, but nothing like we’re going to see the next 50 years!  The world is going wireless, and that means a lot of wireless real estate work!

If you have any questions about wireless real estate, give us a call.  Here’s what we offer:

  • Experience
    • Thousands of cell sites developed;
    • Hundreds of sites acquired;
    • 50 years senior management experience.
  • Proprietary database of
    • Over 150K cell tower locations nationwide complete with site information;
    • Thousands of nationwide rent comparables;
    • Thousands of nationwide lease abstracts.

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