Wireless Realty Advisors

Owners, operators, and developers of wireless real estate assets nationwide since 2005.

WRA’s Mission Statement and Values

Wireless Realty Advisors (“WRA) was originally formed in 2005 to provide wireless real estate services to cellular infrastructure companies and commercial real estate owners. Since our inception, WRA’s core principles have been and remain:

  • honesty and authenticity attract and fosters long term relationships;
  • strive for excellence in business intelligence and practices;
  • the best data will make the best business decisions;
  • the world is going wireless…

As a testament to our work to achieve these principles, today WRA has developed and continues to foster long term relationships not just with our customers and vendors, many spanning several decades, but also with our employees.


Our origination, underwriting and legal teams, combined, have closed over 200 cell site transactions.

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Our development team is defined by its depth of knowledge, with over 50 years of combined cell site development experience.

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The world is going wireless.

What is one common denominator most wireless networks have? Real estate.

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